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Schnable Railcar Coupling Animation

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Weather in Ohio cooperated for this summer move in the HEAT!

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This 855,000 lb. transformer finally made it to its destination, it was barged, and railed using HLI's Schnabel railcar quite a long ways to the Midwest.

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February 5th, 2021

HLI has just added a new dimension to what we do and would like to share with you!

We have been able to purchase the HV assets of a much larger company and hire the workers, which means that we can now transport AND assemble/test/maintain and relocate if needed, transformers of any size.

We also now have an inventory of nearly 30 power transformers and pre-booked production slots if there is a failure anywhere needing urgent replacement transformer(s).

This new entity is called Mars Transformers and can be found at.

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