The Schnabel Railcars

HLI Rail & Rigging, LLC

HLIX 2018 Schnabel Railcar

  • Gross Capacity: 1,028,350 lbs.
  • Empty Weight: 401,650 lbs. (without deck insert)
  • Overall Loaded Weight: 1,430,000 lbs.
  • No. Axles: 20
  • Max Axle Weight: 72,700 lbs.
  • Maximum Axle Spacing: 5’-0”
  • Maximum Curve in Unloaded State:
    • – 200ft Horizontal
    • – 2,500 ft Vertical
  • Up to 14” Lateral Shift to Assist in Negotiating Curves
  • Reduced Pivot System – Effectively 20’-0” less pivot distance

HLI now has a SECOND Schnabel railcar, DOUBLING our oversize transporting advantage for our clients.  So TWO assets can be moved at the same time!

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Facts & Figures

  • HLIX 2018 was rolled out in June 2018 after nearly 2 years of design and construction to produce the newest state of the art railcar.
  • HLIX 2018 can accommodate loads up to 1,028,350 lbs. in full Schnabel configuration.
  • Load may be raised or lowered 24 inches by the railcar's built-in hydraulic system.
  • Optional deck insert is rated for 896,600 lbs and offers space for loads up to 40 feet, 6 inches at the base.


HLIX 2018 was modeled after a popular 1960 design offering flexibility and functionality. HLI has brought old design and new technology together to produce the most advanced railcar in the industry.

Beyond the car’s brand new design, Material Testing and 3D Computer Modeling were used to confirm that the gross capacity of the car could be safely met at 1.1 million pounds.

The result is the world’s strongest 20 Axle Schnabel Railcar, and the most modern available anywhere in the world.

470t Deck Insert

A custom 40 ft. 06 in. deck insert has been designed with T-1 steel for maximum loading and strength. The 896,600 deck allows the car to transport loads that were not designed for direct connections Schnabel loading.