Who We Are

HLI Rail & Rigging, LLC specializes in the lifting and movement of over-dimensional loads by the most cost-effective and safe methods available, utilizing our extensive network of expert suppliers.

Although we were established in 2005, our management team brings over 150 years of experience to meet your transportation requirements.

The founding team of Ross McLaren and Mike Scott both began their careers back in 1978. Ross was focused on Crane, Trucking and Rigging, and Mike specialized in Railroading. Both have accomplished and achieved great success in their respective fields. Our U.S. offices are in New York, Pennsylvania and Texas.

What We Do

We take care of EVERY aspect involved in the planning and moving of your valuable over-dimensional load – from factory to foundation. From design and planning, to engineering and execution, this ensures your project will arrive at its destination with the utmost care and professionalism.

We are a hands-on logistics provider that handles all the details, all the way through for you. We understand how to navigate through the multitude of design complexities and regulations that each unique project requires. We offer our services to organizations with the intent of providing a central point of contact for all aspects of moving and installing heavy, critical or over-dimensional loads. Our experience allows our team to provide the most cost-effective solutions for over-dimensional transport including loading, securing, offloading, transportation and rigging – from manufacturer to final destination.

Our Services

We offer full service Transportation Logistics and Project Management, including Engineering Studies as required by most job sites when performing heavy lifts. We also offer mobile laser measuring systems, with locations in Mexico and Houston. With the increase in liabilities and the complexities of the over-dimensional transportation industry, we realize our experience in this arena would be of great benefit to many companies such as yours. We can execute all of these vital, detailed areas of expertise for you:

• Pre-Construction Feasibility Studies
• Pre-Construction Route Surveys
• Rigging and Transport Engineering Studies
• Road/Rail/Barge Deliveries to Site
• On/Off Site Storage
• On-Site Rigging and Supervision
• Railroad Clearance including Drawings
• Mobile Laser Measuring and Weighing Systems